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Wick Stickers for Candle Making

Wick Stickers for Candle Making

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These are high-adhesive wick stickers designed to make your candle-making process cleaner and more efficient. Each sticker is specifically created to secure wicks to the bottom of your candle containers, ensuring they stay in place while you pour the wax. Made from heat-resistant material, these stickers prevent wicks from floating or moving, resulting in a more professional and safe candle. They are perfect for both beginners and expert candle makers. With a standard diameter of 10mm and coming in a pack of 100 pieces per sheet, these wick stickers are compatible with a wide range of container sizes and will be a staple in your candle-making kit.

The 10mm Round Wick Adhesive Dots are an indispensable component for crafting homemade candles, providing a secure base for any wick type. These self-adhesive wick tabs are expertly crafted to anchor the wick to the center of the container, ensuring it remains in place during the critical wax-setting stage.

Constructed with a strong adhesive that withstands high temperatures, these wick securing dots are robust and suited to a broad range of wick materials, from traditional cotton to modern wooden and braided hemp varieties.

Each 10mm sticky wick holder is precision-sized for universal candle-making use, delivered for ease of access and efficient storage. Implementing them is effortless: detach a dot from the roll, affix it to the wick's end, and secure it within your chosen vessel with firm pressure for a reliable hold.

Incorporate these Round Wick Adhesive Dots into your candle-making supplies for a streamlined, mess-free experience. They're an excellent tool for both amateur and expert chandlers seeking to perfect the art of candle creation with stability and precision.

Dimensions : 10 mm
Cost: 2.25 rupees per sticker

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