I'm really careful about not harming the environment in my daily life and want my online shop to be the same. Running a web store and selling products that aren't necessary isn't the best for the planet, but I do my best to make good choices.


I make your candles with 100% Eco soy and coconut wax, which is eco-friendly, vegan, and not made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It's also not tested on animals.

The scent oils I use are high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free, and don't have harmful chemicals. They're partly natural, with some elements made or modified in labs to match natural ones. Fragrance oils also help keep the candles affordable.

The wicks in the candles are eco-friendly, made from cotton and paper, and have a metal base.


I take a lot of time to find the right suppliers for everything, from jars to scent oils and boxes. I mostly buy from local companies that also try to work with other businesses in India. I check their eco-friendly practices and prefer those who don't use plastic in shipping, though sometimes there are exceptions I can't avoid.


I ship your orders without plastic. Everything is wrapped in recyclable or compostable materials.

Candles come in brown paper offcuts.

Tealights and wax samples are in biodegradable bags.

Orders are sent in cardboard boxes, with compostable packing peanuts or comb wrap paper for cushioning, and sealed with paper tape.

I buy all the packaging materials I need, but also reuse what I get from my suppliers, like boxes and fillers. Reusing old packaging is better for the planet, and I encourage you to do the same if you can.

For orders sent outside of India, I have to attach an invoice on the outside in a clear plastic bag, which is unfortunately necessary.