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Candle Biz Masterclass (25 Days Live Learning)

Candle Biz Masterclass (25 Days Live Learning)

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Are you ready to ignite your passion for candles and turn it into a thriving business? Join us for an immersive journey into the art and science of candle-making, shipping logistics, and everything in between! It's a live, 20-day adventure designed to turn you into a candle-making guru.

In this comprehensive masterclass, you'll learn step-by-step how to launch and grow your very own candle business from industry experts who have successfully navigated the candle market.

📚 Course Curriculum:

1. Market Mastery: Understand your target audience, analyze competitors, and craft a unique selling proposition that sets your candles apart.

2. Business Blueprint: Develop a solid business plan covering startup costs, pricing strategies, legal considerations, and effective sales and marketing techniques.

3. Product Perfection: Dive deep into candle-making techniques from beginner to advanced candle making, source quality materials, and learn how to test and refine your products for optimal burn performance and fragrance throw.

4. Brand Brilliance:Create a standout brand identity, design eye-catching packaging, and explore eco-friendly options to attract environmentally conscious consumers.

5. Operational Excellence:Set up efficient production processes, invest in the right equipment, and establish shipping logistics to ensure smooth order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

6. Marketing Magic: Build an online presence, leverage platforms, and harness the power of social media and collaborations to drive sales and expand your reach.

7. Customer Care: Master the art of providing exceptional customer service, collecting valuable feedback, and maintaining long-lasting relationships with your clientele.

8. Shipping Secrets: Navigate the complexities of shipping logistics, optimize packaging for safe transit, and develop shipping policies that keep customers informed and satisfied.

💡 What You'll Gain

- Insider knowledge and practical skills to kickstart your candle business with confidence.
- Strategies to differentiate your brand in a competitive market and attract loyal customers.
- Tools and resources to streamline operations, manage inventory, and scale your business effectively.
- Lifetime Support and guidance from the SOSA Team after the course is over.

🎓 Who Should Attend

- Aspiring candle makers eager to turn their hobby into a profitable venture.
- Small business owners looking to diversify their product offerings and expand into the candle market.
- Anyone passionate about craftsmanship, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the candle industry.

🕯️ Don't miss this opportunity to illuminate your entrepreneurial journey and spark success in the lucrative world of candles! Enroll now and let's light up the future together. 🌟

Have any burning questions (pun intended!) about the masterclass? Feel free to reach out to me on WhatsApp by clicking the icon below or send a message to 9619218531. Let's chat and see if this is the perfect adventure to ignite your candle-making passion! ✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lalitha Jagan
Excellent class

Sonal’s master class is a very vast and detailed subject. She teaches each and every thing in depth…from this course we learn more new things about the candle making and the business strategy.. throughout the class as well as after the class she helps in clearing various doubts… she recommends good vendor and high quality materials for making the candles… I feel this is an amazing classs which provides lot of knowledge for doing the business…

Lavee Gupta
Candle biz master class review

I recently completed Sonal's candle making online course.The course went beyond the basics, teaching me intricate details that would have been impossible to learn on my own. Sonal's daily one- on-one sessions were invaluable for clearing up any doubts I had. The high quality raw material she sent really opened my eyes to what good ingredients look and feel like.Plus, Sonal was incredibly responsive to my questions, even answering them outside regular hours. This course has given me the skills and confidence to start making my own amazing candles!!