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Orchids Wax Melts

Orchids Wax Melts

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The Details:


  • Width: 6.985 cm
  • Length: 10.795 cm
  • Net weight of wax: 90.874 grams (rounded off from 90.87375 grams)

Scent Notes

  • Invigorating Top Notes: This fragrance opens with the juicy harmony of mandarin, the lush sweetness of peach, and a touch of tropical coconut, infusing your surroundings with an uplifting and sunny freshness.

  • Floral Heart: At the heart, the opulent scent of orchid blossoms intertwines with the earthy depth of patchouli, creating a complex and inviting aromatic experience that captivates the senses.

  • Warm Base: As the scent warms and evolves, it settles into the creamy decadence of vanilla, complemented by the soft, velvety whisper of white musk, evoking the serene comfort of a well-tended garden at dusk.


  • Stays Fresh: They're made to last, slowly releasing scent that lasts for hours.
  • Quality Made: Only the best, eco-friendly wax goes into these melts, ensuring they're safe and clean when they burn.
  • Simple to Use: Just snap off a piece, place it in your wax warmer, and relax.
  • Supports a Cause: With every pack you buy, you're helping to educate underprivileged girls in India through Nanhi Kali.
  • Handcrafted Care: Each batch is hand-poured with precision.
  • Beautifully Packaged: The melts come in an attractive package, making them a perfect gift or a treat for yourself.

So, not only do these Orchids Wax Melts make my space smell amazing, but they also make me feel good knowing I'm supporting a great cause with my purchase.

The Story:

The first time I caught the scent of orchids was on a warm evening in a small botanical garden nestled in the heart of Ooty. It was an oasis of calm, a stark contrast to the bustling streets just beyond its gates. As I wandered through the carefully curated paths, the air was rich with the fragrance of blooming flowers, but one aroma stood out distinctly—the delicate and exotic scent of orchids.

That evening was painted in the vivid hues of sunset, the sky a canvas of oranges and pinks that seemed to echo the top notes of mandarin and peach in the orchid's fragrance. The sweet, creamy note of coconut subtly weaved through, as if the garden had momentarily transported me to a tropical island where time ceased to exist.

I found myself drawn to a secluded bench, enveloped by the floral tapestry that hung in the air. Here, the heart notes of the orchids themselves unfurled, their elegant scent mingled with the earthy richness of patchouli. It was as if the flowers were sharing their secrets with anyone who took the time to truly listen.

As the daylight faded and the stars began to dot the sky, the base notes of vanilla and white musk rose gently from the undergrowth, grounding the ethereal floral scent with their warmth and depth. It was a symphony of aromas that spoke of the night's soothing serenity and the whisper of dreams yet to come.

The garden became my sanctuary, a place where the simple act of breathing could be a balm to the weary soul. And now, whenever I light an Orchids wax melt, I'm transported back to that bench, to the peace of the twilight garden, where the hustle of the world falls away, and all that remains is the fragrance of orchids—pure, serene, and timeless.

So if you, too, seek a moment of tranquility, an escape to a fragrant paradise amidst your daily routine, let the scent of Orchids guide you there. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and let the journey begin.

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