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Misty Mornings

Misty Mornings

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In the gentle hush of early winter mornings, when the world lies still, I find solace in the ritual of lighting our 'Misty Mornings' candle. This is not just a candle; it's a companion to my serene starts. As the wick flickers to life, it casts a soft, comforting glow, and the air begins to fill with the rich blend of Irish orchids and nectarine. It's like the dawn itself is wrapping me in its embrace, the fragrance carrying the promise of a new day steeped in peace and quiet introspection.

Holding this candle in my hands, I am holding a story - one of careful creation, of giving back, and of invoking the purest memories of winter's quiet beauty. It's my hope that it will light up your days as it does mine, with the subtle reminder of the joys of simplicity and the warmth of giving.

  • 'A fragrance blend of Irish orchids and nectarine.
  • Each burn releases a promise of peaceful, introspective mornings.
  • Hand-poured in small batches for that personal touch of tranquility.
  • Encased in 100% plastic-free packaging, showcasing our dedication to sustainability.
  • A portion of every sale supports 'Nanhi Kali', aiding in the education of young girls
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