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Matte White Jar

Matte White Jar

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Discover the essence of minimalist elegance with our Pure White Candle Jar. This sleek, all-white vessel is the epitome of chic simplicity, providing a perfect backdrop that lets your candle's natural beauty and fragrance take center stage.

The jar's smooth matte finish offers a tactile experience that complements the soothing ritual of lighting a candle. Its sturdy design ensures durability while its clean lines allow it to harmonize with any decor, from the modern to the traditional, making it a versatile choice for all candle enthusiasts.

Ideal for those who seek a serene and uncluttered ambiance, this jar is not just a container but a piece of decor that enhances the tranquility of your space. Whether you're creating a calming retreat or adding a touch of understated luxury to your daily life, our Pure White Candle Jar is a timeless choice for those who appreciate the refined and the sophisticated.

Dimensions: 8.5 cm h x 8 cm w
Capacity: 220 ML

~ Heat Resistant
~ Microwave Safe
~ Ecofriendly and Reusable
Each sale helps educate underprivileged girls through Nanhi Kali.

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