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Lavender Fragrance Oil

Lavender Fragrance Oil

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🌸 Introducing Lavender Fragrance Oil by SOSA Candles - A Soothing Aroma for Your Handcrafted Candles 🌿

Embark on a sensory journey with SOSA Candles' Lavender Fragrance Oil. Specially curated for candle making, this fragrance oil is a tribute to the timeless allure of lavender. Known for its calming and soothing properties, our Lavender Fragrance Oil is perfect for crafting candles that create a tranquil and serene ambiance in any space.

Key Features of SOSA Candles' Lavender Fragrance Oil:

  1. Pure and Potent Aroma: Our Lavender Fragrance Oil captures the essence of a lavender field in full bloom, offering a natural, fresh, and authentic scent.

  1. Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of candle-making projects, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional candle maker.

  1. High-Quality and Concentrated: A little goes a long way with our concentrated oil, ensuring your candles are richly scented.

  1. Safe and Sustainable: We are committed to safety and sustainability, ensuring our fragrance oil is phthalate-free and environmentally friendly.

Instructions for Using Lavender Fragrance Oil in Candle Making:

  1. Fragrance Load: We recommend using Lavender Fragrance Oil at a concentration of 6-10% of your total wax weight. This ensures a strong yet balanced scent throw.

  1. Wax Compatibility: Our oil blends beautifully with various types of waxes, including soy, paraffin, beeswax, and more.

  1. Mixing Temperature: For best results, add the fragrance oil to your melted wax when it reaches approximately (75 to 80°C). This allows the oil to blend seamlessly without burning off.

  1. Curing Time: After pouring your candles, allow them to cure for at least 48 hours before using or selling. This curing process ensures the fragrance oil is thoroughly infused into the wax, offering a consistent and lasting scent.

  1. Safety First: Always conduct a small test batch to ensure the fragrance performs as expected in your specific wax and container combination.

Learn Candle Making with SOSA Candles on YouTube

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Why Choose SOSA Candles' Lavender Fragrance Oil?

- Transformative Aromatherapy: Lavender is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and stress relief. Our fragrance oil brings these benefits to your handmade candles, enhancing the overall well-being of your customers or loved ones.

- Quality Assurance: At SOSA Candles, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, reliable products. Our Lavender Fragrance Oil is no exception, ensuring your candle-making experience is both enjoyable and successful.

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