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Top-Grade Braided Cotton Candle Wicks & Wick Tabs (61 m braided cotton wick roll and 100 wick tabs)

Top-Grade Braided Cotton Candle Wicks & Wick Tabs (61 m braided cotton wick roll and 100 wick tabs)

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Elevate your candle-making journey with our premium braided cotton wicks and wick tabs, crafted from 100% natural, lead-free cotton. Experience consistent burning, clean flames, and a touch of elegance with these high-quality candle-making supplies.

Key features:

  • Natural & Eco-Friendly: Made from pure cotton, ensuring clean burning and minimal environmental impact .
  • Consistent Performance: Braided design provides excellent wax pool control and a consistent flame throughout the candle's life.
  • Easy to Use Candle Wicks: Pre-tabbed wicks simplify attachment to your candle vessel, saving you time and effort.
  • Variety of Sizes: Perfectly match your candle diameter, guaranteeing optimal burning for any container or decorative candle. 

Wick tabs:

  • Secure hold: These metal tabs ensure the wick stays centered in your candle, preventing tunneling and creating an even burn.
  • Professional touch: Elevate the look of your finished candles with these sleek and professional-looking tabs.

Together, our braided cotton wicks and wick tabs offer the perfect combination for creating beautiful, long-lasting candles that burn cleanly and brightly. Ideal for both experienced and beginner candle makers, these top-quality supplies will help you unleash your creativity and bring your candle-making vision to life Order yours today and experience the difference! 

Each pack contains 61 m braided cotton wick roll and 100 wick tabs.

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