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Candle Mold Sealer

Candle Mold Sealer

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Pillar Perfection Made Easy: Eliminate frustration with our Candle Putty, the ultimate solution for perfectly centered wicks and a flawless flame.

No More Mess: Say goodbye to tilting candles and wax drips! Candle Putty keeps your pillar candles stable on any surface.

Simple & Effective: Just mold a small amount of putty around the base of your wick for perfect centering, every time.

Reusable & Adaptable: This non-toxic, heat-resistant putty can be used for multiple candles, easily reshaped, and stored for future use (best for 5 years).

Light with Confidence: Enjoy a stress-free candle experience with perfectly centered wicks and a clean, even burn.

1 Pack contains 80 pieces (Cost per piece ₹4.98)

Watch the mold sealer in action:

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