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What Will we Cover?

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Detailed Candle Making Live Classes

Dive deep into the art of candle making with our detailed live classes. These immersive sessions offer step-by-step guidance, insider tips, and hands-on demonstrations to help you master the craft and create stunning candles with confidence.

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Create Your Own Candle brand

From developing unique scents to designing custom labels, this comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and tools to launch your own distinctive candle brand. Turn your passion for candles into a thriving business venture.

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How to Test Your Own Candles

Discover the techniques and methodologies to effectively evaluate your candles for quality, safety, and performance. With hands-on guidance and expert insights, you'll gain the confidence to ensure your candles meet the highest standards.

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How To Grow On Social Media

Dive into effective strategies, content creation tips, and engagement tactics tailored specifically for candle makers. Elevate your brand visibility, connect with your audience, and harness the power of social media to amplify your candle business.

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Licenses Required To Start Candle Business

From understanding local permits to compliance with safety regulations, this comprehensive resource provides clarity on the licenses required to launch your venture legally and securely. Gain peace of mind and lay the foundation for a successful candle business journey.

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Launch on E-commerce marketplaces

Explore step-by-step strategies, optimization techniques, and insider tips for successfully showcasing your candles on popular platforms. Harness the vast potential of online marketplaces to expand your customer base, increase sales, and establish a strong presence.

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Customer Service for your candle business

Learn how to cultivate lasting relationships, resolve inquiries promptly, and exceed customer expectations with our comprehensive guide. Empower your team to deliver personalized experiences that foster loyalty and propel your candle business to new heights.

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how to start with minimum investment

Our course provides strategic insights, cost-saving tips, and resourceful solutions to help you launch your venture on a shoestring budget. Learn how to leverage creativity, resourcefulness, and smart planning to turn your candle-making passion into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

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Learn Candle Making for Beginners Step-By-Step
Learn Candle Making for Beginners Step-By-Step
Learn Candle Making for Beginners Step-By-Step

Learn Candle Making for Beginners Step-By-Step

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Everything You Need To Launch Your Candle Business


Complete Vendor Details


A to Z of Candle Making


Candle Business Go-to-Market


How to Grow on Social Media

who is this course for?

e-commerce enthusiasts

e-commerce enterprenuer

students & Home makers

founder/ceo, SOSA Candles

Meet our Host

Meet Sonal Sahani, she is the founder and CEO of SOSA Candles. She has been running her successful candle business for the past 3 years, and now aims to empower woman to start their own candle business and make money online.

learn candle making with me

What's more?

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Complete Vendor Details For 100% Success from Day 1

Unlock the secrets to success from day one with our complete vendor details package.

Gain access to a curated list of trusted suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, ensuring quality materials and seamless operations for your candle business. With 100% success in mind, streamline your sourcing process and set the foundation for long-term growth and profitability.

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Ongoing Team Support via Whatsapp/Call

Stay connected and supported every step of the way with our ongoing team support via WhatsApp and call.

Whether you have questions, need guidance, or seek advice, our dedicated team is just a message or call away. Receive personalized assistance, troubleshooting, and encouragement to help you succeed in your candle-making journey.


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