How to Make Jesmonite Candles At Home in 2024

How to Make Jesmonite Candles At Home in 2024

Hello, beautiful souls,

Sonal here, your candle companion and the heart behind SOSA Candles. As I sit in my cozy corner, surrounded by the gentle flicker of candlelight, I'm reminded of the warmth and connection that these little beacons of joy bring into our lives. It's not just about the light; it's about the stories, the memories, and the community we build around that light.

When I started SOSA Candles, it was with a simple vision—to create something that not only illuminates spaces but also hearts. And what a luminous journey it has been! From my first shaky pour of wax to the latest video I've crafted for you all, every step has been a leap of faith, a testament to the power of dreams fueled by passion.

My Personal Journey with Candle Making

The spark that ignited SOSA Candles was born out of a love for light and the cozy ambiance it creates. In the early days, my kitchen was a laboratory of scents and waxes, a place where I learned the delicate dance of temperatures and textures. Those initial trials were filled with spills and wicks that wouldn't light, but each misstep was a lesson that shaped my craft. As a business owner, resilience became my mantra, and creativity my compass. I learned the importance of patience, the art of storytelling through scents, and the value of sharing these creations with a world that craved a spark of joy.

The Magic of Jesmonite

Jesmonite captured my attention as a groundbreaking material, celebrated for its versatility and eco-friendliness. But why Jesmonite for candles? It's fire-safe, durable, and offers an almost endless array of finishes — from the smooth, marble-like sheen to a textured, rustic charm. Crafting with Jesmonite meant we could offer non-traditional candles that served as statement pieces, not just sources of light but as artful expressions of individual style.

Creating the How to Make Jesmonite CandlesTutorial Video

The decision to make a tutorial video came from a surge of inspiration during a craft fair. I watched as eyes lit up at the mention of 'DIY Jesmonite candles.' I wanted to bottle that enthusiasm and share it with the world. Filming the tutorial was a series of heartwarming bloopers and bursts of laughter — moments I treasured, knowing they were part of a journey I was about to share with others.

Step-by-Step Guide in the Video

In the video, I break down the candle-making process into simple, manageable steps. I offer tips like ensuring your work area is well-ventilated and how to achieve the perfect consistency with Jesmonite — not too thick, not too runny, just right. It's about empowering first-timers to make something beautiful on their very first try.

SOSA Candles: More Than Just a Business

Every SOSA candle carries a story — of a dream that grew into a business, of nights spent perfecting a pour, of choosing sustainable materials and production methods. These candles are not just products; they are embodiments of a philosophy that values the well-being of our planet and the comfort of our homes.

Supporting the Community

SOSA Candles has always been about 'us' rather than 'me.' Collaborating with local artisans, supporting community projects, and ensuring that each purchase gives back in some way has been foundational. Whether it's a portion of proceeds going to a local charity or using our platform to spotlight other small businesses, we're in this together.

I warmly invite you to watch the tutorial, light up your creativity, and share your experiences. Drop a comment, ask a question, or just say hi — your interactions mean the world to us, and every question is an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Our Candle Range

From the serene 'Cozy Corner' to the invigorating 'Breakfast in Bed,' each candle in our range has a backstory, inspired by moments of peace, adventure, and nostalgia. They're more than just scents; they're invitations to remember, to dream, to pause.

Looking ahead, I see SOSA Candles not just as a brand but as a beacon of innovation and community. We have dreams as big as the skies and as bright as the stars — and I can't wait to share every upcoming project with you.

Join the SOSA family. Watch our latest video, share your thoughts, and find your favourite candle on our website. Together, we'll make the world a little brighter, one candle at a time.


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