Balancing Life as an Entrepreneur: Lessons from a Small Business Owner

Balancing Life as an Entrepreneur: Lessons from a Small Business Owner

Hello fellow candle aficionados! It's Sonal here from SOSA Candles, your go-to source for artisanal, hand-poured candles. Today, I'm delving into the intertwined worlds of entrepreneurship and candle crafting. So, light up your favourite soy wax candle, and let's explore the nuances of running a small business in the scented world of candles.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

Embarking on the journey of starting a home-based candle business was like stepping into a world of fragrances and flames. From handcrafting unique scents to grappling with the logistics of candle sales, each day brought new challenges and triumphs. Managing candle wax supplies, juggling fragrance oil inventories, and mastering the art of candle packaging were all part of the daily hustle.

Lesson 1: Embrace the Chaos

In the early days of SOSA Candles, when I was experimenting with everything from essential oils to eco-friendly waxes, I learned to embrace the unpredictable nature of a candle-making business. Navigating through the chaos of supply chain issues and customer demands, I realized that every challenge was an opportunity to refine my craft and strengthen my business acumen.

The Art of Candle Making and Life Balancing

The process of creating the perfect candle, from choosing the right wick to achieving a balanced fragrance throw, is akin to finding balance in life. Crafting candles requires a meticulous blend of art and science, patience, and a keen eye for detail.

Lesson 2: Patience is Key

Whether it’s perfecting the burn time of a beeswax candle or waiting for the right moment to launch a new scent line, patience has been my greatest ally. This art has taught me that good things take time, both in candle crafting and business growth.

Scaling Up: From Kitchen to Community

As SOSA Candles evolved from a small home-based candle business into a burgeoning online business, the community around us grew as well. We fostered connections not just through our products but also through our story - sharing the journey of sustainable candle making and engaging with fellow enthusiasts.

Lesson 3: Community is Everything

Building a robust online presence, from showcasing our hand-poured candles on social media to sharing candle care tips, emphasized the importance of community. Our customers weren't just buying a product; they were embracing a lifestyle and joining a family of eco-conscious, candle-loving individuals.

Navigating the Business Tides

The expansion of SOSA Candles meant venturing into uncharted waters - from exploring wholesale opportunities to navigating the competitive landscape of luxury candles. The journey was filled with learning curves and milestones.

Lesson 4: Adaptability is Essential

Staying ahead in the dynamic candle market meant being adaptable. Whether it was introducing seasonal scents or adapting to the latest e-commerce trends, flexibility was key. Embracing change helped SOSA Candles stay relevant and beloved by our customers.

Lesson 5: Celebrate Small Victories

Every positive customer review, each successful batch of our signature scented candles, and all milestones, big or small, were celebrated. These victories, these moments of joy and pride, fuelled our journey and kept us motivated.

Fostering a Purpose-Driven Brand

As SOSA Candles grew, we anchored ourselves to a purpose beyond just profits. We committed to sustainability, ensuring each candle - be it a pillar, container, or votive - was crafted with eco-friendly materials and methods.

Lesson 6: Purpose Beyond Profit

Aligning SOSA Candles with a cause - be it environmental sustainability or social responsibility - added a deeper level of fulfillment. Knowing that every luxury candle sold contributes to a larger cause made our journey more meaningful.

Lesson 7: Work-Life Harmony

Finding a balance between the demands of a growing candle business and personal life was crucial. I learned to strike a harmony that allowed me to thrive both as a business owner and an individual.

Expanding Horizons

As I continued to steer SOSA Candles, I embraced the role of a lifelong learner. From understanding the nuances of fragrance blending to keeping up with the latest in e-commerce and digital marketing, every new piece of knowledge propelled us forward.

Lesson 8: Continuous Learning

Staying curious and open to learning has been instrumental in the growth of SOSA Candles. The candle market is ever-evolving, and keeping abreast of trends and techniques has been key to our success.

Lesson 9: Seeking Support

Realizing that I didn’t have to do everything alone was a revelation. Building a team, outsourcing where necessary, and seeking mentorship allowed me to focus more on creative aspects like scent creation and product design.

Lesson 10: Trust Your Instincts

Throughout this journey, trusting my instincts has led to some of the best decisions for SOSA Candles. In a market filled with choices, listening to my inner voice helped in crafting unique and authentic experiences for our customers.

The Future Glows Bright

I invite you to be part of this incredible journey with SOSA Candles. Explore our diverse range of hand-poured, eco-friendly candles on our website. Join our community and delve into the sensory world of candles. Remember, every purchase supports our mission towards sustainability and social responsibility.

Let's Spark More Conversations

Your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions are crucial in shaping the future of SOSA Candles. Share your ideas, tell us what you’d like to see next, and help us keep the flame of innovation and passion burning bright.

Stay inspired, embrace the warmth, and remember – every candle has a story, every flame a message.

With love and light,
Sonal 🕯️💖

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