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Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Vanilla Fragrance Oil

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🌾 SOSA Candles' Vanilla Fragrance Oil - A Classic Scent for Timeless Elegance in Your Candles 🕯️

Immerse yourself in the luxurious and comforting embrace of SOSA Candles' Vanilla Fragrance Oil. This quintessential scent is a homage to the timeless allure of vanilla, offering a warm, creamy aroma that enriches any space with its elegant and soothing presence.

Key Features:

- Rich Aroma: A harmonious blend of deep, creamy vanilla notes, perfect for crafting candles that exude warmth and elegance.

- Versatility: Ideal for a broad range of candle-making projects, our Vanilla Fragrance Oil enhances both the visual and olfactory appeal of your candles.

- High Quality: Concentrated and enduring, this fragrance ensures your candles are infused with a consistent and lasting vanilla scent.

Instructions for Use:

- Fragrance Load: We recommend using 6-10% of the total wax weight to achieve a perfectly balanced scent.

- Wax Compatibility: Excellently compatible with various wax types, including soy, beeswax, and more.

- Pouring Temperature: For seamless integration without compromising the fragrance, add this oil to your wax when it's between 75°C to 80°C.

- Curing Time: Allow your candles to cure for a minimum of 48 hours to attain the optimum fragrance experience.

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Why Choose SOSA Candles' Vanilla Fragrance Oil?

- Transformative Aromatherapy: The scent of vanilla is celebrated for its comforting and mood-lifting properties. Our Vanilla Fragrance Oil is designed to bring these soothing benefits to your handcrafted candles, enhancing the ambiance and well-being in any setting.

- Quality Assurance: SOSA Candles is committed to excellence. Our Vanilla Fragrance Oil, like all our products, reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, dependable products, ensuring your candle-making experience is both delightful and successful.

🛍️ Elevate Your Candle-Making Artistry Today

Visit SOSA Candles to discover our Vanilla Fragrance Oil and begin crafting candles that not only captivate the senses with their aroma but also bring a touch of timeless elegance to any environment.

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