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Luxurious Soy Container Wax

Luxurious Soy Container Wax

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🌿 Introducing Our Luxurious Soy Container Wax - A Vegan, Eco-Friendly Candle Making Essential by SOSA Candles 🕯️

At SOSA Candles, we're excited to present our premium Soy Container Wax, a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. This vegan blend, a harmonious fusion of natural organic soy and coconut waxes, is a candle maker's dream. Let's delve into what makes our wax blend a must-have for your candle-making endeavors.

Key Features of SOSA Candles' Hemp Soy Container Wax:

  1. Superior Quality and Performance:

- Appearance: Enjoy the creamy white elegance that our wax brings to your candles.

- Adhesion & Burn: Exceptional adhesion properties ensure a smooth finish, while the evenness of burn and wax consumption guarantees a consistent candle experience.

- Fragrance Throw: Our wax boasts an impressive fragrance throw (both warm and cold), making it perfect for capturing and dispersing your chosen scents.

  1. Eco-Friendly and Safe:

- Sustainable Ingredients: Our blend includes gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free waxes from renewable sources.

- FDA Approved: Rest assured, our entire blend utilizes only FDA-approved waxes, aligning with our commitment to safety and quality.

  1. Technical Specifications:

- Fragrance Load: Holds a generous 9-10%, and safely up to 12% for a more intense aroma.

- Melt and Pouring Temperatures: Optimally designed with a melt point of  (70 C) and a mixing and pouring range of (75 to 80 C).

  1. Available Sizes for Every Need: Catering to both hobbyists and professional candle makers, we offer our luxurious wax in 1 kg, 2 kg, and 5 kg sizes, ensuring you have the right amount for your projects. 

  1. Eco-Conscious in Every Aspect: Our wax is not just a blend of natural ingredients; it's a statement of our eco-friendly ethos. We're dedicated to providing products that are kind to the planet, ensuring that your candle-making journey is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible.

Why Choose SOSA Candles' Soy Container Wax?

  • If you're interested in selling soy wax candles or other products, understanding the wax itself is important. Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource made from soybean oil. During the production process, the oil undergoes hydrogenation to solidify it.

  • Beware of Imitations: Unfortunately, some sellers might offer "soy wax blends" or "fatty acid waxes" that contain harmful carcinogens.

  • Ensure Quality for Your Customers: To guarantee the safety and quality of your soy wax products, source your wax from reputable suppliers who prioritize responsible manufacturing processes.

    Soy Wax Production and Hydrogenation

    Here's a detailed breakdown of the soy wax hydrogenation process:

    1. Soybean Processing:

    • The journey starts with soybeans, which are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes.

    2. Oil Extraction:

    • The oil is then extracted from the flakes using solvent extraction or mechanical pressing. This separates the soybean oil from the solid components.

    3. Refining the Oil:

    • The raw soybean oil undergoes further refining and bleaching to remove impurities and improve its color and odor.

    4. Hydrogenation:

    • This is the key step that transforms the oil into a solid wax. Here's what happens:
      • The oil is heated to a high temperature (around 140-225°C).
      • Hydrogen gas is bubbled through the hot oil.
      • A nickel catalyst is added to facilitate the reaction between the hydrogen and the oil.
      • During this reaction, some of the unsaturated fatty acids (with double bonds) in the oil react with the hydrogen, converting them into saturated fatty acids (with single bonds).
      • This process increases the stability and solid fat content of the oil.

    5. Solidification and Finishing:

    • Once the desired level of hydrogenation is achieved, the reaction is stopped, and the oil is cooled down.
    • The hydrogenated oil solidifies at room temperature, transforming it into soy wax.
    • Finally, the wax may undergo further processing and filtration to achieve the desired consistency and quality.

Note: Please be aware that, due to the nature of the harder wax blend, some cracking may occur in transit. This in no way affects the performance or quality of the wax.

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